Armando Lopez Jr., LEED® AP

School Work Timeline

[Spring/Summer/Fall 2008: Fifth Year Thesis]


Fifth Year Thesis Project

Mixed-use (concert venue, recording studios, and commercial space) complex above an existing parking garage in San Francisco, CA


Architecture is often only a shell that encompasses a larger subject matter. Interdisciplinary design between architecture and such topics need to be sought after in order for the two to co-exist within the same space. My research will incorporate the essence of music8 into a mixed-use (concert venue, recording studios, and commercial space) complex above an existing parking garage in San Francisco. Relating to concepts within music, rhythm, structure, and improvisation, I plan to achieve an adaptive environment for a contemporary musical scene.


Main Level: Main Concert Hall; Lobby; Exterior Plaza; Reception Area/Food Court; Back of House/Administration Area

Second Level: Black Box Theater; Restaurant; Recording Studios




[Winter 2008: Fourth Year]

K & M Business Park (Team Project)

Design a business park start-up center on an existing site in San Luis Obispo, CA


The main focus of the project was on the start-up center itself due to the importance of it helping new businesses start to ensure their survival within the community.  We chose to incorporate an expo center within the start up center to provide a hub for conferences and trade shows in the area. The design was centered on the idea of; a progression from public spaces to private spaces, and a central communal space that everybody can enjoy and interact with each other. The design for the site was centered on the idea the business will radiate out from the start-up center as they grow.


First Floor: Expo Center; Lobby; Food Court; Individual Offices; Individual Workshops

Second Floor: Individual Offices; Individual Workshops; Administration




[Fall 2007: Fourth Year]

C.A.M.P. Green

Contemporary Art Museum at Presidio Project


Sustainability is a process rather than a product; A process that needs to be felt rather than seen

Designed with sustainability in mind, my concept was to utilize San Francisco’s unique climate in order to reduce the humidity so as to not damage the art. Thus, it would allow me to design the project without a central HVAC system except for dehumidifiers when the climate deemed it necessary to use. Other themes were heating/lighting control with the use of thermo-siphoning via a trombe wall, air circulation via operable windows, heating/cooling via sun shades and thermal massing, a water catchment system, and a waste management filtration system.


Subfloor: Storage; Electrical/Mechanical Room

First Floor: Lobby; Gift Shop; Exterior Plazas (private & public); Traveling Gallery; Restaurant

Second Floor: Gallery Space   




[Summer 2007: Fourth Year]

Grid-Shell Project (Team Project)

Design a community hub for Eugene, Oregon using a grid-shell structure


Our whole concept was to twist the structure above an existing freeway that dissected the site in order to entice the public to enter the site. Apart from reaching across the freeway, we strived to minimize the impact on the site as much as possible in order to preserve its natural state.


Project Includes: Retail; Dining; Underground Parking; Community Center; Bicycle Commuting Center; Recreational & Swimming Center




[Spring 2007: Third Year]

Architectural Desk Competition

Design an architectural desk within 24 Hours


Minimalist Approach with a Modern Twist

Designed for the straightforward student, this desk provides overhead storage, a cabinet on wheels for supplies, and side storage for larger materials. Pivoting task lighting has been incorporated onto the cabinet, as well as, a computer platform swing arm that contracts and extends. Built-in underneath the desk is a cot which can unfold to a max of 6 feet and can be used for extra storage or to catch some needed sleep. Lastly, the ergonomic chair is designed to ease the long hours and provide a stylish alternative to the common chair.

*Received Recognition for the design and was archived at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo




 [Fall 2006: Third Year]

Architectural Office Project

Design an architecture office for yourself or an architect of your choosing


Open; Bright; Equal

A design for a firm where every employee is equal and space flows from one area to the next


Loft: Conference Area

Ground Level: Entrance; Private Conference; Media Room; Cafe; Storage; Mechanical Room; Restrooms/Lockers

Office Floor: Work Area; Conference/Library; Exterior Patio




[Spring 2006: Second Year]

Material Reuse Project

Shipping Container Classroom Design


Stimulating; Morphing; Sustainable

Create an imaginative environment for learning, utilizing the modular constraints of a shipping container

"Be curious always. For knowledge will not acquire you; you must acquire it."    -Sudie Back


First Floor: Main classroom area; Professors area

Second Floor: Computer area; Misc. classroom space; Exterior balcony